Summary of tourism in northern region

This tour is one of the most challenging experiences that can be undertaken in seven days. Touring Northern Ghana remains a journey of discovering, education and adventure. Nowhere else can you match the diversity of lifestyles landscapes, cultures and wildlife.

Popular Places to Tour

Mole Park

The largest game reserve park in the country. Animals such as elephants, antelopes, bucks, monkeys, crocodiles and many species of birds are seen when toured early in the morning.

Larabanga Mosque

A 13th century Mosque, believed to be first built by Moorish Traders, it is one of the holiest sites in Ghana. In the building is a Quran, which is as old as the mosque itself. Its distinctive façade has been widely photographed.

Whistling Rocks

These rocks create a dramatic presence on the landscape outside Bolgatanga,
only 10km from the city. These rocks also make strange, ghostly whistling sounds during the harmattan in November and December.

Mushroom Rock

The spectacular scenes of mushroom-shaped rocks and anthills and the piles of uniquely arranged boulder offer amazing views


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